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Celebrate the Day – will help you make your wedding one of the most important days of your life. I am as Celebrate the Day – flexible and accommodating to each of your unique needs and preferences.  Planning and executing unforgettable events is what I love to do. You want to make your special day as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

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And it all started right here in Australia

It all began 40 years ago when the government created a legal category for non-denominational officiants to perform weddings and funerals for a highly individualistic population, scattered far and wide in a largely rural continent. Today there are 10,000 Celebrants in Australia and New Zealand, and together we have performed over a million ceremonies since 1974.

Of course, this has expanded into many service offerings as the demand for non-religious services grew over the years. I’m proud to be a Celebrant and continue the proud tradition started right here at home.

Sue and Jack, from Perth

“I found Noreen to be a professional, well organised and kind woman with a great sense of humour, who made our day memorable and gave us a wonderful memory.”

Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants